Consultation Committee

Professor Ng Wun Jern


Professor Ng Wun Jern has graduated with a BSc in Civil Engineering from QMC-London University, an MSc in Water Resources Engineering and a PhD from Birmingham University. He has also had postdoctoral training at Kyoto University. Ng Wun Jern is a licensed professional engineer, and researches water and wastewater management issues such as water quality, and water treatment science and technology.

Ng Wun Jern argues for a sustainable approach to environmental management through energy recovery. He has some 400 publications including books and patents. Bringing R&D to full-scale applications, his commercialized IPs include the aeSBR, anSBR, ANFIL, and HYBRIDAN biosystems, as well asnd the recirculating aerator and electrochemical system. These have been applied to some 120 full-scale installations. He had managed a “spin-off” company, was chairman on MWH Consultants’ board of directors, had served on the Singapore national water reclamation expert panel and is presently technical advisor to companies operating in ASEAN, China and India.

Ng Wun Jern was Dean of Engineering at the National University of Singapore until 2003. Then, he was founding Director of the ESE Program. In 2005 he was director of the Singapore-MIT Alliance and served the alliance universities the National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He further contributed to engineering education as a founding member of the Singapore Engineering Accreditation Board. Thereafter, he was Director of Capability Development at EWI, Ministry of the Environment & Water Resources. In June 2007, he became founding Director at the Nanyang Environment & Water Research Institute, an institution that operates with 350 researchers covering education, research, development, and interface with industry and community. Ng Wun Jern concurrently leads the philanthropic Environmental Endeavour-2 program.

Ng Wun Jern’s contributions have been recognized with the ASEAN Engineering Award, the Outstanding University Researcher Award and as the Chevalier dans l’Ordre des Palmes Academiques. He was also appointed the inaugural Tan Chin Tuan Centennial Professor from 2008-2011.

On August 18th, 2011, Professor Ng Wun Jern was appointed as a member of the consultation committee of WFF.