Today the world is faced with many problems, such as climate change, natural disasters, new types of epidemics, shortages of resources for living, and urbanization bottlenecks. Humanity’s future will be disastrous in the absence of timely and effective actions.

However, the current situation cannot be changed just by an individual. Instead, it must be the collective cause of public-spirited entrepreneurs, scientists and professionals to improve the community. This new group of individuals can pool their collective intelligence, wealth, professional networks and knowledge towards a common goal. It is the latest trend in the development of global philanthropy, and it is also the only way to settle the complicated social and environmental issues.

In 2007, a group of public-spirited Chinese entrepreneurs and professionals came together to form a global focused platform. The foundation sought to harness the financial resources, professional skills and knowledge of global public-spirited elites and deploy them through philanthropic means to tackle issues threatening the future development of humanity; thus, leading the way to create a peaceful, equitable, prosperous and sustainable environment for future generations.

World Future Foundation Ltd. (WFF) was incorporated in Singapore on August 26, 2008 and formally registered as a philanthropic charity with the Government of Singapore on February 20, 2009.

WFF is a grant-making foundation, based in Singapore, but for the world. It provides financial support to a number of organizations and programs related to environmental sustainability research and social sustainability research. Through these programs, WFF hopes to bring forth a wide range of new technologies for the benefit of the current generation and generations to come.

WFF is the first philanthropic foundation in Singapore funded by entrepreneurs from mainland China, and is professionally managed by an international team. This not only highlights globalization in the philanthropy sector, but also reflects the central status of Singapore in the global philanthropic domain.

WFF is a private foundation. It does not raise funds from public, rather it invites public-spirited and influential Chinese entrepreneurs and professionals to join and lend their strengths to accomplish these great undertakings.

WFF’s motto, “For our world, for our future”, reflects its founders’ ambitions and aspirations.