Vertical Cities Asia Research Collection


Accelerating urbanization has changed people’s living environment. High density urban development, overconsumption of natural resources and sprawling transportation system are seriously damaging the future of urban life. The development of new models to balance relations between the environment, infrastructures and liveability is the focal point behind the sustainable urban development. Currently, research achievements from this specialized sector are few. The research on Asian cities is even more limited; thus creating a demand for such research to be made more accessible.

World Future Foundation (WFF) is dedicated to promote research in environmental protection and sustainability, especially in the development models for future cities. WFF plans to sponsor and publish a series of books entitled the “Vertical City Research Collection”. A selection committee comprised of ten international well-known experts, architects and scholars in relevant fields will select literatures reflecting the latest ideas and advancements in sustainable development worldwide. These include the translation of notable works by world leading architecture studios and research reports on vertical city development. They will also showcase the winning designs from the “Vertical City Asia” International Design Competitions from past years. The collection would first be released in mainland China and Singapore, then later around the world.

Through the research collection, WFF aims to promote the latest development and best practices to the general community. This would enhance the general community’s understanding of these areas and add momentum to the sustainability movement. 3D models, pictures and video will also be produced to present images and depict the dense living environment of future urban cities.

The “Vertical City Research Collection” seeks to contribute to the on-going discussion and provide feasible solutions for the most optimal urban development modes of the future.

On 15th Feb, 2012, the first publication of the series was released. The whole book is edited in English, and published by NUS. The second edition was launched on 9th Jul, 2013. It was edited in both English and Chinese by a renowned publisher Domus China and published by Guangxi Normal University. Published by NUS Press, the third edition "Everyone Harvets" was launched on 9th Jul, 2014 during a ceremony officiated by Minister for National Development Mr. Khaw Boon Wan.